Business Advisory, Corporate Strategy and Change Management

CMAX provides strategic corporate advisory services and change management support to organisations across a range of diverse and complex sectors.

We establish long term relationships with clients to manage their ongoing corporate requirements and support the development, protection and management of brand, market position and reputation. We undertake internal, external and political audits and cultural evaluations, manage staffing consultations and employee assessments, and implement strategies for product or policy development and stakeholder management. 

We assist organisations with a range of short and longer term change management strategies; defining the need and rationale for change, its key influencers, path to success and internal and external implementation plans. Many of our projects in this area have related to complex and contentious public change initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate rebranding and significant management or operational changes.

CMAX Advisory has overseen employee engagement, internal communications and cultural realignment projects for Australian and international clients, including Fortune 500 companies and Australian government departments. We provide analysis and advisory services focusing on market and economic conditions to assist companies to maximise international expansion opportunities particularly in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

We have also assisted clients in ensuring their change management requirements link to wider priorities:

  • managing brand and reputation through merger and demerger projects
  • undertaking organisational audits, providing recommendations and implementing the resulting changes
  • establishing new offices and managing staff relocation, reductions, reassignments and the resulting interface with clientele
  • overseeing the direction and development of annual reports and other key client-facing publications, including drafting content, editing and producing legal documentation that reflects the changed practices.
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