Defence Services

CMAX Advisory is the Australian defence sector’s premiere strategic advisory consultancy.

For more than a decade CMAX Advisory has been at the forefront of major defence policy and acquisition developments.

With its network of government and defence experts based in both Australia and the United States, CMAX Advisory provides guidance and support to industry clients, from technology startups to global materiel manufacturers.

Supported by Mr Warren King, former CEO of Australia’s Defence Materiel Organisation, CMAX Advisory provides consulting services and assistance to defence companies in domestic and international markets. CMAX Advisory assists clients in:

  • Identifying and capturing business opportunities and developing strategies to secure contracts and grants
  • Strategic advice on project financing, contracting, engineering, integrated logistics services, test and evaluation
  • Tender preparation and advice
  • Brokering key relationships between industry and government influencers in Australia, the United States and around the world
  • Guidance and assistance on market entry strategy, building joint ventures overseas, and assisting firms to build partnerships between the United States and Australia
  • Supporting Australian industry participation, export control compliance, and options for sales in the international market
  • Corporate restructure, change management, and company expansion strategies and implementation
  • Leveraging a network of contacts across all tiers of the Australian and US defence organisations, to provide timely advice to clients about the political and policy environment
  • Coordination of industry briefings, launches, ministerial briefings, trade shows, and official multi–national delegations
  • Provision of internal and external communications for major public projects
  • Advertising, media management and public relations consultancy services for diverse clients, ranging from emerging enterprises to industry leaders.